Sexual, Powerful, Scary

People born with Mars in Scorpio are never afraid to go to dark and scary places. They thrive there, its where they derive their energy. It is best not to mess with people, they operate with great power in the realm of your deepest fears and oldest nightmares. If…

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An online petition prompts local school board to change name of Nathan Bedford Forrest High

AskMeIfICare “So We Fight” (Official Music Video) By:TrumpWilson Films (by ASKME IFICARE)

All This and Rabbit Stew (by VortexFilms)

Fools Despise Wisdom

 …some will become EXTREMELY disagreeable when confronted with wisdom…you’ll know them buy their fruit…A brother told me he’s been the same since high school.!.!? …I said there’s opportunity for growth in change…he said NAAAAAA

Itzli - When I Grow Up f/ Carne Guisada (by MIDAXMUSIK)